Live Control

Run Commands live

The USB Nugget supports live command both through a web interface and via a web API.

Web Interface

To access the web interface and run payloads live, connect to the USB Nugget’s Wi-Fi access point and visit

From this page, you can create, run, and save payloads to your USB Nugget.

Python Script

If you want to use a scrip to send DuckyScript commands or files to your USB Nugget, the following scripts will help you get started.

The following simple Python script can be used to send individual DuckyScript commands from your computer while connected to the Nugget’s Wi-Fi network.

import requests, base64
url = ''
while True:
    pew = input("Enter command:\n")
    try:, base64.b64encode(pew.encode()))
    except: print("Sent")

If you want to sent entire DuckyScript payloads, you can use the following short script to send .TXT files.

import requests, base64
url = ''

while True:
    pew = input("Enter path to Duckyscript File:\n")
    file = open(pew, "r")
    payload =
    try:, base64.b64encode(payload.encode()))
    except: pew = input("Sent, press enter to send another:\n")