Update Your USB Nugget with Chrome Browser

Flash your RubberNugget with the latest firmware

Before you start hacking with your USB Nugget, make sure to update it to the latest firmware.

To update your USB Nugget, you will need:

  • A USB type C cable that supports data
  • The Google Chrome web browser
  • The latest USB Nugget firmware .BIN file

Flashing Via Chrome Browser

The easiest way to flash your USB Nugget is via the Chrome web browser. First, remove any case and unplug your Nugget.

Step 1: Visit the release page & download the most recent .BIN file.

Step 2: On the back of your Nugget, locate the “0” button & hold it down.

Step 3: Plug the Nugget into your computer with a USB cable & then release the “0” button.

This puts the nugget into flashing mode.

If you have issues with step 5, try holding down the “0” button, tapping the “RST” button, and then releasing the “0” button to enter flashing mode instead.

Step 4: In a Chrome browser window, navigate to https://nabucasa.github.io/esp-web-flasher/

Currently, Firefox and other browsers do not support WebSerial.

Step 5: Click the “Connect” button & select the “ESP32-S2” board.

Step 6: Once connected, click “Erase” & confirm.

Step 7: After the erase is finished, click “Choose a file” & select the .BIN file from step 1.

Step 8: Click “Program” & wait for the .BIN to flash, then unplug to complete the update.

That’s it! Your Nugget is ready to hack.

Plug in your USB Nugget and watch it mount as a flash drive. You can open the drive to explore preinstalled payloads and begin to add your own.

You can also connect via the web interface and run payloads from any device! The network name is RubberNugget and the password is nugget123 to connect. Once connected, navigate to in a browser.