Nugget Assembly Guide

This guide walks you through assembling your Nugget Developer Kit!


MicrocontrollerESP32-S2 Wi-Fi Microcontroller (S2 Mini)1
ScreenSH1106 I2C Display1
Female Header (Short)Breakout headers for the S2 Mini2
Female Header (Long)Expansion header for the Nugget1
Male HeaderComes with S2 Mini package2
Nugget PCBComes with buttons & NeoPixel assembled1


1. Prep the Mounting Headers

Start by soldering the male headers to your Nugget PCB, button side up!

  • The short side of the pin headers should poke through
  • Using a breadboard can help keep them in place! If not you can rest it carefully flush on the table. meep

2. Solder the Expansion Header

Next, solder on the long female header to the side of your Nugget PCB. You should be able to lay the Nugget flush on a table. meep

3. Assemble the Microcontroller

Assemble the microcontroller, by soldering the short female pin headers to the inside rows of the S2 Mini.

  • You can flip the microcontroller over on a flat surface to solder the pins.
  • Be careful not to get solder in the other holes! meep

Next, press the S2 Mini onto the headers on the back of your Nugget - and solder! meep

4. Prep & Solder the Screen

Next, peel off the adhesive tape on your Nugget PCB, and carefully push the screen in place.

  • Be careful to avoid the edges of the screen! It can crack.


5. Assemble the Case

Finally, assemble the snap fit case!

  • Press the assembled Nugget into the backplate
  • Next, place the D-Pad into the faceplate, face down
  • Flip over the backplate assembly, and snap it into the faceplate! meep